Dynamic Indexing

Dynamic indexing. This was my first thought when embarking upon the EarthRaft Project. Apparently the term – dynamic indexing – is an actual thing which exists to describe something possibly very similar to that which I will not yet describe but rather let evolve. Essentially, I don’t want to color or change my thought processes based upon what is already out there. The reason for this is that I have in my mind something necessarily different in the sense that the function it will provide cannot yet be in existence for if it was I would not be writing this.

Yes, that last bit may sound confusing. That is ok. So here are my thoughts on the dynamic indexing I see developing through a very important and specific set of mechanics. Multi-Purpose Symbiotic Collaboration. MPSC.

When perusing this site with thoughts of how to improve processes within say, supply chain logistics. One might find information written on black hole theory which could inspire a figuratively gravitational concept which when applied would allow for an improved process of a given component of supply chain processes.

So that concept, rather than simply cut and pasted out of its text write-up and on to a new write-up pertaining to conceptualized improved processes it instead is inserted into a user unique database. The user unique database is made available to all users so they too may access components of that which was created so to build/improve upon processes in any given field of inquiry/study/development.