Support Each Other

I’ve been thinking about this concept for well over 20 years. It sounds simple. And it is. It was born from my seeing this and that bumper sticker, all of them with a support something message. Support Breast Cancer Awareness, Support Autism Awareness, Support Our Troops ( the original ) and so on. All the bumper stickers had their yellow ribbon or a different color. You know all that comes from the song, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ’round the old oak tree…” which comes from some regional practice in some past time or another.

Anyway, all the support causes are usually nice messages and so forth. But I thought why not get to the root of the issue so we don’t need to be reminded to support this or that. Why not simply Support Each Other?

I’ve been meaning to do my version of the bumper sticker for the over 20 years I’ve considered this whole deal. Never got around to it. Maybe I will now.

Moving on, the “Support Each Other” concept ties in well with my others listed on the site. Maybe I’ll work on creating a tie -in page or rather get going on the dynamic self-indexing tool which is really what the whole of EarthRaft is about. Well…it’s about more than that. In fact it’s about much more.