Video and Audio

Video and audio. What’s it all about? For me, at this point there are two questions:

  1. What am I trying to do? Like all with EarthRaft this is an explorative area. I have a thought to offer conversations on matters of interest. I’d like for EarthRaft to foster and facilitate conversations between and and all who wish to take part putting forth thoughts and ideas which further the evolution of EarthRaft.
  2. How am I doing it? Right now I’m doing it with a Zoom account. EarthRaft has a Zoom account which allows for unlimited meeting time with participants ranging from one to 100 +. The meetings/conversations can be recorded and stored in the Zoom cloud and then linked and/or downloaded to reside on this page. I’m still working through content limits on this site and other technical issues. For now I’m offering up a couple short/smaller files to get a feel for how best to proceed. There exist two primary issues in that regard. One is the actual content and how best to offer it forth. Two is the tech part of it. How best to post on this page or others I may create and what widgets, plug-ins, manual HTML, etc. which I may need to deal with and write.

I’m trying to keep it brief here. The basic lowdown with the audio and video is the same as with all of EarthRaft. Collaboration. I have no interest in doing this alone. Not EarthRaft nor the experience of living life. Without writing too much now and veering off topic let me say this: If EarthRaft is about anything tangible it is about one thing more than anything else…collaboration. It’s our world. Ours. Together. With all things. So let us join together and explore ideas. And enact them.