Black Holes

May 6, 2021

Black holes. Especially the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. I’ve heard it postulated that our reality is but a two dimensional reflection of that which has already occurred. And that reflection emanates from the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

If such a scenario as that described above is in place then things such as fate, destiny and free-will (yay or nay) along with entire collections of philosophies attached to those ideas may seem more like prophetic science than say, religion or anything else.

Black holes…what’s on the other side? That’s the thought I’ve always had. It occurred to me recently…what if we are on the other side? Is that what the reflection of reality concept is considering? I don’t know. No astrophysical quantum mechanics professional am I. I do know one thing. Given a choice to believe one or the other I’d rather believe this side of the Universe is the side doing the reflecting and not the one being reflected upon. Or at least, that the reflection goes both ways leaving certainty, say fate or destiny, to juggle back and forth with chance, chaos, free will. A balance to be sought yet never attained or if so then something else happens.

Meanwhile…how about entropy? I wonder if the very concept of it will go the way of its own definition once more understanding of dark matter and dark energy occur. Could it be that entropy not only fuels DM/DE but also the hubris of the physicist? Not a bad thing, but simply part of the process of learning which occurs typically a moment before understanding which occurs a moment before more learning is realized to be necessary.