Yippee!!! I love UFO’s. This page will come soon. In the meantime let it be known I have recent video footage taken by a very reliable source of a UFO just west of Seattle. I will do my best to get the footage on this page soon.

“It was like a train in the sky!”

That was how my source (referred to as Person X as she has decided not to have her identity revealed) described her recent UFO sighting. “It was like a train in the sky! And it was there for fifteen minutes!” – On Edit it is noted I previously referred to my source (Person X) as “very reliable”. Since that initial post new information has become known to me and as such I would like to change Person X’s designation to “usually reliable”. On review – soon to occur – of yet more information surrounding the events of the night of the sighting it is possible Person X’s designation may change yet again to something like “occasionally reliable” or “known to have been reliable at one time or another”.

And yes, I do have some video footage. The video is short and shot from a phone with an apparently smudged lens. I’m trying to clean it up before posting it here and am having difficulties. I may simply post it raw.

Meanwhile, a quick comment on the location of the UFO. It was viewed while looking due west by northwest from Alki Beach in West Seattle. From eyewitness accounting and after examining the video it appears the object is 25-30 miles distant. This would put the object directly over an area known to house more nuclear weapons than any other location on Earth. Bangor, Washington. The US Navy’s Trident sub base. Those nuclear subs carry many missiles and each has many warheads. That’s a whole lotta bombs going on. A bunch of bombs. Yep, many bombs. Mucho bombs. Boatloads of bombs. Literally.

Why this is interesting…It is a well documented fact that many nuclear weaponry sites here in the States, England and in Russia and China have experienced UFO flyby’s and even UFO’s hovering for minutes while scanning and temporarily deactivating missile systems. Information on this may be found in the documentary films “Out Of The Blue”, “Unacknowledged” and the recently released film “Phenomenon”.