Mission Statement

Well…if there isn’t a mission statement then…? So without further adieu…

Not to be contrarily clever but rather because it is simply true I will start by saying this site has no specific mission statement. As of now anyway. I do, however have a general idea of where I’d like to go with the EarthRaft concept. In a word…indexing. The dynamic indexing of ideas by individual users. Some sort of tool, a plug-in I suppose, would need to be written and attached to this site. But I’m a way off from that. First comes the concept and the concept I speak of has yet to evolve from an idea possibly fraught with suppositions of which may be accurate only for myself.

To define is to limit – Lucky Lemire.

What exactly do I get out of that quote? Development must be limitless. Or rather exist within a field of limitlessness. Define away – we must to some degree or we’d all be talking blabber to each other – but let the journey of discovery exist without thought of destination.