Social Structures

I’ve long thought people tend to be at their best when immersed in the arts. Whether as spectators/appreciators, creators or both. I’ve thought, Wow! What if every single person on the planet could have their day in the sun under the artist’s sky? Wouldn’t that be cool? Probably wouldn’t be any war or killing, thieving, lying, cheating or any of the other things done that day which people normally do so to – ironically – go along to get along.

Of course realistically…this would be tough. Arranging societal structures such so that each and every person on the planet had their chance to partake of the arts. And that it was all done fairly and freely and so on. Pie in the sky thinking? Nirvana-land thinking? I say no.

There is a way to do this and in doing it we also can restructure the rest of society in the same manner. Everyone gets a chance to do everything. Everyone gets a chance to do everything or better yet…everyone gets a chance to find their thing so to do their thing. I have a plan. I have a blueprint. And it will soon be discussed in detail on this page.

Until then, see ya all out there in the world!

Vocation Rotations

Each person on the planet has an opportunity to embark on vocation rotations. I see this as part of a normal education process which begins at say, 16 years of age. Two year stints in various areas all over the globe. During the two year periods students will be exposed to region specific education and endeavors. For instance, while embarked in the West Indies of the Caribbean students may study ocean reef ecological systems and be exposed to all the technology associated with that specific endeavor. Students would be introduced to geologic and biologic conditions specific/endemic to the area. Atmospheric studies relating to the Trade Winds, for example would be something else unique to the area.

The point is every area on Earth has something unique and vital it offers to the whole. I am not saying each individual needs to be exposed to all of this incredible wonder – one would need to live many lifetimes for that! I’m rather suggesting that after a ten or fourteen year period – from age 16-30 – of experiencing a vast array of vocations and the unique experiences related to them and their geographies, a human being will be much better situated to achieve a happy and fulfilling life among his/her fellows.

More to come. But for now I must ready myself for an upcoming shift at Trader Joes in Kirkland, Washington, USA. I have inserted myself there among the native population so to observe, experience and learn. My two year stint is near complete. I have had much fun and look forward to the next stop on my own personal vocation rotation.

I have much more to lay out for this idea and will so soon. I have other ideas listed on the site here I am also working along with completing my novel in progress, Bossa Nova, marketing my last novel, beginning character development for the next novel, website maintenance for this and three other sites and the list goes on.

Region specific cultures in relation to this plan will be the next topic discussed.